Roles & Responsibilities

Admission procedure in Polytechnics -

  • Admission procedure takes place through Joint Entrance Examination of all government and aided polytechnics of state, which are under control of Technical Education Department. For admission online procedure is applicable and through Joint Entrance Examination, facility of spot counselling is also made available.
  • From educational planning point of view new polytechnics are established in special region with the motive to balance the demand and supply of trained and qualified manpower. While keeping demand and recommendation of regional representatives in mind regarding establishment of new polytechnics and to fulfil the required infrastructure All India Technical Education Board, New Delhi, AICTEET provides the approval for the operation of institutions and courses.

Examination and Result -

All examination of engineering and non-engineering courses are being operated in Polytechnics by Technical Education Board, Uttar Pradesh and for the better operation of examination and to stop cheating, formation of flying scot has been done by the board and efforts are being made to publish examination results on time. Semester system has been implemented in all polytechnics.

Formation of anti-ragging group -

Ragging of junior students by senior students in complete educational system is a curse. According to the rule of the government, anti-ragging group has been set up in institutions to prevent ragging in all government and aided polytechnics. For such kind of unsocial act, orders are given to take strict action.

Innovation of new techniques in education

The latest methods of education are evolving in the revolutionary landscape of development. For the education through the web portal, Establishment of Virtual Classrooms Scheme is being operated in state polytechnics. This scheme is being implemented in various polytechnics of state and its been targeted to operate this in other polytechnics in financial year 2017-18 to 19. It’s on priority that this scheme should be implemented in all polytechnics and to set-up wi-fi facility in all government polytechnics.

Addition in curriculum of courses

With the view of development of technology and as per the demand of industry the target of producing trained manpower, developments are done in the academic course and unnecessary / redundant matter have been removed from academics by Research, Development and Training Institutes, Kanpur (Which is an integral part of the Department of Technical Education) with the help of expert.


It is the priority of Department to upgrade the knowledge level of teachers according to technical scenario. With the aim to upgrade the knowledge of teachers, academic staff working in different polytechnics of the state are provided training from industry Subject Experts and Experts of IITT. Apart from this teachers are also sent to N.I.T.T.T.R Chandigarh for training.


In order to ensure employment opportunities, an industry-institute-industry-interaction-cell has been set up to promote relationships among each institution, under which students will be allowed to do industry visit. For this, priority has also been given to provide summer training to students in different industries.

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