Vision & Mission


To gain international prestige for excellence in technical education, research and to modernize the education system.



For the planned, chronological and coordinated development, Technical Education Department was established in the year 1961 in Kanpur as an independent body after separating it from Department of Industries. It has following objectives:

  • To set high standards for undergraduate and post graduate technical education.
  • To involve innovative methods and creativity in academic and entrepreneurship among students.
  • Advancing Technical Education in Educationally Backward Classes and Communities.
  • To provide quality technical education according to the new technologies and industrial needs and also to produce skilled technical manpower
  • Inclusion of women empowerment, to bridge the gender gap, social and economic development of SC/ST, welfare of persons with disabilities and minority welfare schemes.
  • Establishment of 04 regional offices such as-Western region (Daurala,Meerut), Central region (Lucknow), Bundelkhand region (Jhansi) and Eastern Region (Varanasi) with the view of decentralization of rights, imparting transparency in administrative work and effective monitoring of institutions.
  • Institute of Research, Development and Training, Kanpur was established in 1984-85 with the objective of curriculum revision, new syllabus development and staff training keeping the technological progress and industrial needs in mind.
  • Board of Technical Education, Lucknow was established in the year 1963 under Technical Education Act 1962 with the objective of providing affiliation in institutions, assessment of students studying in the affiliated institutions on the basis of teaching-training examination and daily work, providing diploma to successful candidates and implementing courses.
  • Joint Entrance Examination Council, Uttar Pradesh Lucknow was established in the year 1986 under Society Act, 1980 for the entrance of candidates on the basis of eligibility keeping transparency within institutes in mind.
  • Community Development through Polytechnic Scheme was implemented in institutes for skill development at rural level with the assistance of Ministry of Human Resource Department (MHRD), Government of India.