Harcourt Butler Technical University

On 01 September, 2016 Uttar Pradesh Government upgraded HBTI Kanpur to Harcourt Butler Technical University. We aim towards making it a leading residential university and to maintain its prestige as before.

Vision- Along with Technical Development, we also aim to produce World Class Quality Engineers and Technical Professionals, who can contribute to society by benefitting them with Technical aspects.

Objective- While keeping in view the current needs related to engineering and technology, anticipated changes and long-term academic research and industry and social needs, to provide facilities to engineering, technology, basic and applied science, humanities, social science and management, Vastu Shastra and other professional courses for better education and to execute the programs. In the university, the Faculty of Engineering, Chemical Technology Faculty, Faculty of Fundamental and Applied Sciences and Humanities and Social Sciences is operated. Here 13 different courses of post graduation of B.Tech are been operated.

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