About The Department

Department of Technical Education was established in the year 1961 for the planned, chronological and coordinated development of technical education in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It has been divided in two sectors viz. degree and diploma to provide standard technical education at Graduate/Post Graduate and Diploma level. At Diploma level, for effective control and management, the dept. has been divided into four zones viz. East zone, West zone, Central zone and Bundelkhand zone with their zonal headquarters located at Varanasi, Meerut, Lucknow and Jhansi, respectively. 

Current era is a flourishing time for science and technology. With every passing day new technology are being developed and new dimensions of superiority and quality are being originated from the competition in every sector. In such a revolutionary scenario, the nature and relevance of level of technical education has a special significance. Attempts are being made by the Technical Education Department for the development of high level technicians with the commitment of improving the ability, dissemination and quality of technical education system of the state and its related development.
Keeping priorities in mind, for maximum consumption of available resources along with creating manpower as per various needs of industry and various aspects of technology, to indulge welfare schemes like woman empowerment, to bridge the gender gap, social and economic development of backwards, welfare of handicaps and the betterment of minorities welfare have been included under M.S.D.P.