New Initiatives

Details of Newly Started institutes (Click Here)

  • Serving all districts with Government Polytechnic.
  • To provide E-connectivity and establishment of virtual classroom in all polytechnics.
  • Filling the vacant posts in all institutions including newly established institutions.
  • Availability of equipment and beautification in new institutions.
  • Procedure of promotion of HOD/Principal and of other posts of promotion.
  • Filling the vacant posts in aided Polytechnics.
  • Strengthening the Board of Technical Education.
  • Restructuring cadre with the view of expansion and development of the department.
  • Regular revision of curriculum to enhance quality of technical education and installation of CCTV Camera and Wi-Fi in all institutions.
  • Creation of post and appointment of an Employment Officer in institutes of each district for increasing the employment.
  • Establishment of Book Bank for quality education of students and availability of the concerned educational material in Government Polytechnic Institutions.
  • To ensure water harvesting through Rain Water Harvesting System in all institutions.
  • To ensure regular participation of students in cleaning campaigns operated in institutes under Swachh Bharat Mission..