Diploma Sector

Organizational Structure

Administrative Control of Diploma Level Institutions

Directorate of Technical Education

The entire responsibility of the administration and operation of the diploma level institutions running in the state is of Directorate of Technical Education, Uttar Pradesh that is headed by Director, Technical Education. For assistance following officers are there:-

General Administration
1 Additional Director 2
2 Deputy Director 3
3 Assistant Director 4
4 Research Officer 1
Financial and Accounting Administration
1 Finance Controller 1
2 Finance & Accounting Officer 1
3 Assistant Accountant 2

Apart from the aforesaid, there are four regional offices i.e. Varanasi, Lucknow, Daurala (Meerut) and Jhansi.  The Head of these regional offices are the concerned Joint Directors, for whose assistance a post of one Finance and Accounting Officer has been created in each regional office. Their main work is the supervisory control of Regional Diploma Level Institutions.

Board of Technical Education

Head of this office is the Secretary of the Council and its Chairman/Vice-Chairman is nominated by the Government. The following posts are created to assist the Chairman/Vice-Chairman : -

1 Secretary 1
2 Joint Secretary 1
3 Deputy Secretary 1
4 Assistant Professor 1
5 Assistant Secretary 2
6 Examination Superintendent 1
7 Assistant Accounts Officer 1

The main work of Board of Technical Education is to conduct examination for students getting training from Polytechnics of the state and to provide affiliation to private sector polytechnics.

Institute of Research, Development & Training

Head of the Institute is Director of the institute for whose assistance following posts are created:-

1 Deputy Director 1
2 Principal 1
3 Text Book Officer 1
4 Assistant Professor 4
5 Lecturer Computer 1
6 Assistant Accounts Officer 1

The main work of the institute is to carry out work of faculty training, curriculum development/training, syllabus resource development and academic as well as technical work.

Joint Entrance Examination Council

It is an autonomous self-financed institution and is registered under Societies Registration Act. The Head of this council is the Director, Joint Entrance Examination and the Principal Secretary, Technical Education, UP Government is the ex-officio Chairman of this Council. The following posts are being created for the assistance of the Director:-

1 Secretary( Head of Office) 1
2 Deputy Secretary 1
3 Assistant Accounts Officer 1

This institution conducts State Level Joint Entrance Examination for admissions in all Polytechnics within the state.

Diploma Level Institutions

In state training is being provided in 136 government, 19 aided and 410 private sector institutions under the department and besides these 38 government polytechnic are under establishment process

Multi Point Entry and Credit System

        Multi Point Entry and Credit system is implemented in four Polytechnics of the state namely Government Girls Polytechnic Lucknow, Government Polytechnic Kanpur, Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology for Handicapped Kanpur and N.R.I.P.T Allahabad.
         In diploma course, training is carried out through lectures, practical work, home work and travel of the industrial sites and self-employment. Each subject is given certain importance.  Students acquiring diploma training from the Multi Point Entry and Credit System have to get weightage.  The weightage given to each subject is called credit system itself.
        Credit is given to the student only when he/she has successfully passed the examination of the subject. After the completion of the training of the course, each student has to earn prescribed credits for each course to be eligible for receiving the diploma in its respective course.
        For example, a student who has passed 10+2 examination with Physics, Chemistry and Maths subjects takes admission in Diploma in Architectural Assistantship course, this student will be given relaxation in Physics, Chemistry and Maths subjects in the first semester and the student will automatically acquire prescribed credits for these subjects i.e. 7+4+6=7. The facility of registration in maximum of 6 subjects in the first semester will be admissible to this student. Upon passing these 6 subjects, the prescribed credit for the subjects will be granted to the student. If the student fails in any of these 6 subjects, then he will not be allowed to register for 6 subjects in the next semester. After the second semester if the student does not earn 20 credits then he will not be registered in the third semester. Like the annual system, he will have to register again for the first two semesters and earn 20 credits.
        In this way, meritorious students can complete the diploma course before the prescribed time by having 6 subjects in the Semester, after earning total prescribed credits (Architectural Assistantship 152 credits) student can complete diploma training.  Architectural Assistantship has total 28 subjects that have total prescribed credit as 152.  Thus, after giving the relaxation in three subjects, the remaining 25 subjects can be completed in 2 years only by taking 6 subjects in each semester and  taking 6 subjects along with a project subject in the last semester although it is a three year course.